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Jowar (Sorghum) Pumpkin Parantha

Prep Time:

15 mins

Cook Time:

5 mins


4 nos

Jowar (Sorghum) Pumpkin Parantha

About the Recipe

Tasty Parantha


1.     Sorghum Millet Flour (Jowar) - 1 cup

2.     Pumpkin (Thick Grated) - 2 cups

3.     Curry Leaves (Shredded) - 15 nos.

4.     Green Chillies (Chopped) - 2 nos.

5.     Salt - to taste

6.     Water - to set dough consistency

7.     Ghee - for frying parantha


1.     Wash and grate the pumpkin with skin through a grater with thick holes. (Finely grated pumpkin will make the dough mushy, and it will not give texture to the paratha)

2.     Now add a cup of millet flour in a large bowl along with two cups of grated pumpkin.

3.     Add curry leaves, green chilli, and salt.

4.     Mix well and knead it gently to check the consistency of the dough.

5.     Now knead a soft dough by adding little water. (Don't worry, with this technique, you will be able to handle soft dough easily)

6.     Parathas can be prepared immediately after kneading the dough.  The dough doesn't need to rest.

7.     Heat a tawa on medium-high heat and apply little ghee.

8.     Take a cotton kitchen towel, dip it in water, and squeeze it.

9.     Now, keep a bowl of water near you while making the parantha as you have to dip your fingers to get wet to spread the parantha. Wet fingers will not stick to the parantha and will help in spreading the dough easily.

10.  Spread the wet cloth on a chapati stone or any flat surface.

11.  Take one dough ball and place it on a cloth, and give it a round shape by patting it with your fingers.

12.  When it is round and flattened, hold the corner of the cloth with the help of your right hand and slide it on your left-hand palm.

13.  Now, place the parantha on the right palm so that the cloth is on top and the parantha is placed on the palm.

14.  Gently lift cloth from the parantha and place it on tawa.

15.  Finish by turning the parantha 2-3 times and applying ghee on the other side as well.

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